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Devil May Cry 4 started life on PC, not PS3

Nick Doerr

It's time to lay some truth down about Devil May Cry 4. Although it was originally planned as a PS3 exclusive, some may find it startling that development wasn't even started using any PS3-related equipment. Development began and grew using a PC engine.

Usually, this spells trouble in the multi-platform arena for the PS3, but it might actually work out best for both consoles, says Kobayashi. "It makes it very easy to move it put it on the 360 and use the power of that machine, or to put it on the PS3 and use the power of that machine, each in different ways. It's really pretty easy to do it, developing it from this PC base." With this in mind, it makes other multi-platform complaints about the PS3 being too difficult to program for seem silly.

For more about Nero's selection as the hero, knock yourself out at Newsweek. (Note that nothing's really new.) Look for the game in stores this coming February.

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