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HD DVRs now available for iProvo customers

Darren Murph

Mstar and Nuvont subscribers on the iProvo network can now look forward to recording their favorite programs for later viewing in high-definition after dealing with SD DVRs up until now. In case you weren't aware, iProvo is a municipally-owned FTTH service serving the residents of Provo, Utah, and it relies on the two aforementioned service providers to dish out content to customers. Previously, users were able to watch shows in HD but only record in SD, and while specifics weren't doled out, we do know the new set-top-boxes will support HDMI. If this tidbit has your name written all over it, be sure and hit the read link for the appropriate contact number to inquire about pricing and availability.

Update: Tsuami alerts us that Mstar has yet to make these available -- hopefully that'll change soon enough.

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