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Second Life's Cory = Apple, Inc.'s Woz


Cory (Ondrejka) Linden's leaving Linden Lab is the most grid-altering event this past year, and arguably of the past 2 years as well. And if I were to play the Nostradamus game, and I'm going to right now, then I'd say that Cory's headed for a life where he will eventually end up forming his own Segway polo pony league.

Cory Ondrejka is Second Life's Steve Wozniak. He's the technology guru/wizard who helped write the code that made the grid what it is today. Many think of Cory and Philip as integral entities of Linden Lab, the same way people used to think of Woz and Steve Jobs for Apple, Inc. Cory is the tech guy with the answers, Philip is the front man with the charisma. And if we follow this line of reasoning, we can envision a future where, without Cory's support, LL will eventually run aground, bogged down by poorly-differentiated versions of its flagship product, causing Philip to leave the company in favor of putting his boyish good looks behind a virtual world competitor, only to return years later to save the beleaguered company like the prophesied King Arthur to Britain.

Cory will be just fine, and will probably be less stressed out, gain a few more pounds, and continue to see his popularity among geeks grow to near-legendary status. Maybe he'll get a tiny avenue named after him someday, or even, if Philip would have its cultural influence, get to star in an exhibit in animatronic form. Cory, good luck with whatever you put your hand to, and we'll miss you.

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