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Team kill achievement may be pulled from Turok


Speaking to CVG, Turok developer Propaganda Games made it known that the developer is considering the removal of the now infamous "Grab Bag" achievement. For those that don't recall, the "Grab Bag" achievement awards gamers 20 points in Turok multiplayer for killing "at least 1 creature, 1 enemy, 1 teammate, and yourself in the same round of a public match." The online community received the achievement with almost universal disdain. Apparently, Propaganda was listening, as vice president Josh Holmes said that the developer is considering the release of a patch "it if it does become an issue when the game releases." Holmes noted that the achievement was created as the result of many first-time Turok players managing to kill themselves and teammates during their first match. The achievement was intended purely as a joke, but Holmes admits that Propaganda underestimated just how far "achievement whores" are willing to go.

It's important to reiterate that the patch to remove the achievement is not a certainty yet, so expect the early days of Turok's release to be filled with griefing, team killing bastards.

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