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Big Daddy VGA costume now on eBay


If you somehow missed Spike's Video Game Awards ... er, let's try that again. If you somehow watched Spike's Video Game Awards, then you no doubt saw Nathan Sharratt's impressive home-made Big Daddy costume. He was actually invited to the event by 2K Boston after his BioShock homage Halloween costume pictures got significant attention from these here intertubes. Anyway, Sharratt is selling his Big Daddy costume on eBay, may the capitalism commence!

The bidding began at $999 and is how much the costume cost to make according to Sharratt. He says he's getting rid of Big Daddy because his apartment is the "size of a shoe box" and hopes someone out there will give the costume a "good, loving, nerdy home." We're kinda wondering why 2K Boston doesn't just buy the thing. The only thing missing from the BioShock launch party was a Big Daddy walking around. This way they'll have a costume all set for the BioShock 2 launch party (assuming the game takes place in Rapture).

Update: Opening bid price was lowered to $799 this morning.

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