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Falling back to Earth


Fallen Earth is an upcoming MMO from Icarus Studios set in the year 2154, long after a plague known as the Shiva has killed off 90 percent of the world's population. Those who remain have divided into six factions (Children of the Apocalypse, Travelers, Enforcers, Techs, Vistas, and the Lightbearers) all struggle for dominance as they try to rebuild on the ashes of a fallen earth.

I geek out at all things post-apocalyptic. One of my favorite flicks is The Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2). My favorite book is Stephen King's The Stand. Don't even get me started on the Fallout series (so yes, I am completely geeked about Fallout 3!). And I weeped a little when Auto Assault bought the farm. Now, combine all those apocalyptic bits and pieces, roll 'em all together and you got Fallen Earth. Supposedly. Hopefully.

The guys at Icarus updated the FE community a few days ago and things appear to be moving along accordingly. Seventy towns have been laid out with fifty or so functional (not polished, functional). Nearly 3,000 missions have been created and upwards of 7,500 items are locked and loaded into the database. The guys answer five burning questions (like how many weapons players have access to at one time, what recipes will be available to what factions, and so on). When is it coming out? Well, when it's done of course. For all the details check out the Fallen Earth forums.

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