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Festival (and the Jester of Festivult) returns to DDO: Stormreach

Mike Schramm

Reader Schad, who seems to have become our de facto DDO representative (remember that you're free to send us news about your favorite game on our tipline anytime), reminds us that they're celebrating the holidays in Eberron, too. Turbine has posted on their forums about the comings and goings of Festivult, a time when the Jester of Festivult (not to be confused with) runs around Stormreach and trades Festival coins for presents from the dragonmarked houses of Cannith and Ghallanda. Man I love this D&D 3rd edition lore!

In game terms, there'll be a dwarf NPC wandering around Stormreach that will trade buff food for special coins that have a chance of dropping from treasure chests all over the world. But if that's too technical for you, you can bask in the light of not one but two Festivult poems over on the Turbine forums. Merry Festivult to us all, Warforged and Human alike!

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