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GameDaily's 'Persons of the Year': #4 Greenberg and #5 Gerstmann


GameDaily is counting down who it believes are 2007's industry "Persons of the Year," and the site started things off with a bang yesterday picking Gamespot's former editorial director Jeff Gerstmann. Today GameDaily did a much softer pick with Xbox Live's Aaron Greenberg. As group product manager for Xbox Live, Greenberg has been the point man in what every console should strive for in its online experience.

Unlike a lot of the Microsoft execs, Greenberg has actually been with the Xbox for the last seven years. As GameDaily points out, the success of Xbox Live probably rests quite strongly in that the Xbox 360 seems to have been designed around the service which Greenberg heads.

GameDaily also has a Reader's Choice award, so check it out if there's someone in the industry who you think should be nominated.

Read -- #5 Jeff Gerstmann.
Read -- #4 Aaron Greenberg.

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