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GM saves player from accidental Season 3 purchase


Once upon a time, November 13th to be exact, someone very close to me traveled to the Arena vendor in Area 52 to buy his first Season 3 gear. He had been saving up his Arena points and was excited about getting gauntlets for his resto speced Shammy.

Now, he didn't have to go to Area 52. There are new Arena vendors in Blade's Edge, Nagrand and Gadgetzan, but he traveled to Area 52 to be AoE'd with everyone else. (Also, he's got one of those nifty pirate hats, so he's KOS in Gadgetzan.)

After being feared a couple times, he bought his new gauntlets, only to find out that instead of being the coveted resto gloves, he had accidentally purchased enhancement ones.

You know that awful sinking feeling of having made an irrevocable mistake? It's like when you load an old-school game instead of saving and lose a few hours of work. Or when you hit "Reply All" on an email, sending a completely inappropriate comment to the known universe. Well, maybe that last one is worse... Regardless, he was devastated.

Now some of you are probably reading the title of this post and frowning. You may think he should just consider his purchase a stupid tax and move on with his life. I think that if it had happened to someone else, he might be right there with you. But he had to try asking a GM for help, just in case they would. And they did.

The GM (I erased the name from the screenshot to protect the helpful) arranged for the offending gauntlets to be removed on his next zone and the Arena points to be reinstated upon next login. It worked and he got his new gauntlets.

As you can see from the screenshot, the GM also gave Zul'Aman advice:

Don't die... Kill, kill, kill

Sage advice indeed.

Do you think the GM should have fixed this mistake? Or do you think my close friend should have had to live with his error?

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