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Read all about it: Swedish daily launches "newspaper phone"

Chris Ziegler

When we first read the headlines, we thought those crazy Swedes had gone and produced a huge phone with an e-ink display capable of rendering the local news. Then we started thinking about what such a phone would look like, what capabilities it would have, how you would use basic phone functions with such a slow-rendering display, and we came to the conclusion that it wasn't a very good idea. Well, good news: we were totally off base. What Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter has actually done is partner with Nokia to produce a special version of the 6120 candybar with a dedicated "DN" button for heading straight to the rag's mobile site. We don't think it's that compelling of a feature, but locals apparently disagree; the paper said that immediately after launch, it "received so many calls that our switchboard broke down." The days of the printed newspaper may still be numbered, but it looks like adapting to the mobile-wielding minions might save 'em after all.

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