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Some XStreamHD details emerge, some still fuzzy

Steven Kim

Our buddy MegaZone over at TiVo Lovers has brought together the bits and pieces of info regarding XStreamHD, and while a picture is starting to emerge (sorry), there are still some key questions to be answered. First, what is known: the company will use leased satellite bandwidth to stream HD content to a server in your home; formats are MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (up to 1080p), with 7.1-channel audio. Sounds like it's hitting all the right checkboxes so far. But what's still unclear is how the content will get delivered to users. Will XStreamHD use a MovieBeam-like "push" model limiting users to what's on the server; will the approach be "pull" oriented and stream dynamic content at users; or will some hybrid mechanism be employed? The company isn't telling, but CES should bring answers to not only how content will be distributed, but more importantly what the content will be!

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