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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite places in Azeroth... and beyond!


When leveling my latest alt (a Druid, thank you for asking!), it's become very apparent that there are certain zones in the game that I simply fly through -- and other zones in the game where I can't seem to make any progress. Every character I get into the 40s, for example, hits Stranglethorn Vale and comes to a screeching halt. It's not because it's not well-designed or because it's a poor place to quest and level, but because I just don't like the place. (Sure, it was fun to spend ten or more levels there the first time and perhaps even the second time -- but by now it's too long in one place for my short attention span.) However, I burn through quests in Felwood and Winterspring, the two zones comprising some of my favorite places in Azeroth. So today I wonder what some of your favorite places in the World of Warcraft are -- and why?

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