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Child's Play raffle donations soar to over $12,600

Amanda Miller

If you haven't heard of the fabulous raffle being hosted by the folks at the Bronze Kettle, then you must have been living in a box. A box where you hadn't heard that the donations count has reached $12,654.00! That is definitely cause for celebration; and celebrate we shall!

To be fair, one person donated $10,000, but as Shelbi points out, even if this hurts your chances to win one of their many prizes, the tickets are still for charity. In fact, 100% of the money raised will be heading straight to Child's Play.

If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, or you have a few extra bucks lying around, head over before it's too late! Currently, the raffle is scheduled to take place at 11:00pm CST today, Friday the 14th of December, at Booty Bay on the US server Dark Iron. Not only will you get the chance to participate in the server event, possibly hosted on vent, but the entire shebang will be liveblogged over at the Kettle. Although you don't need to attend the event to win, it's looking like it's going to be a blast. Just look for Shelbi and Jon on Aereyan and Kaelwryn.

Raffle entries will be closing as of 8:00pm CST, and although you can still donate after that point, you will not earn a ticket toward a prize. Make the jump for a complete listing of prizes, and remember; each $1 donated earns you one ticket, and one chance at one of twenty fabulous prizes.

As previously listed on WoW Insider, you could win the following prizes:

  1. Transmogrification of your character, x2
  2. Starprints Warcraft charm x5
  3. Starprints Warcraft sticker (set of 3) x5
  4. Warlock and Voidwalker vinyl vehicle stickers
  5. Custom blog header by Shelbi
Since the initial prizes were listed, many have pitched in and donated additional loot, including:
  1. The grand prize of a FigurePrints custom action figure of your in-game WoW character. The retail value of this sucker is roughly $100, although currently the only two ways to obtain one outside of this raffle is through a random drawing or by purchasing the new Dell XPS WoW laptop. For the inside scoop, check out our interview with Ed Fries, founder of FigurePrints.
  2. A hearthstone keychain courtesy of Mana Princess. We've featured her keychains, soaps, decals, and other goodies on WoW Insider before.
  3. Three 5 x7" matte-finish prints donated by Etsy artist Anand Hurkadli.
  4. A custom forum signature or website banner done by Ander.

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