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Lost in Blue adapts to survive


When (if) Lost in Blue 3 arrives on our shores, you may be surprised at its appearance. Konami has changed the art style used for the character portraits, from normal human proportions to more of a chibi look. In fact, the simplified characters look more like the avatars found on Japanese livedoor blogs than anything else. Hopefully the change in appearance won't ruin the grave atmosphere of the game during those dolphin chats.

We would be surprised if we got a deluxe pack for the game like Japan is getting on the 20th. The Survival Kids Original Gloves and Towel Compressed Set includes -- you guessed it -- a towel and some gloves. We're guessing that they're vacuum-sealed and compressed like those football-shaped t-shirts. The idea, we think, is for you to be able to fit them into a bag in case you encounter a survival situation requiring ... a towel and some gloves. At the very least, a tiny, compressed towel would make it easier for you to identify as a hoopy frood.

[Via GoNintendo]

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