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Super Stardust HD overhaul coming soon

Jem Alexander

Some European PSN users have stumbled across an item on the store which, it seems, ought not to be there. The Super Stardust HD update doesn't appear for everyone, but those who do see it noticed there's a large "Coming Soon" slapped across the image. But what could an update to SSHD contain? Isn't it already amazing enough as it is?

The item's description is a fantasy wishlist of desirable features, including improved graphics and sound, new game modes, split screen multiplayer, a ship editor and clan support. Clan support? How exactly that will work we have no idea, but it does give us the impression that our favourite dual analogue shooter will be heading online when the update hits. Sounds good to us - a little too good. Make of the above image what you will, we're going to remain cautiously optimistic for now, even if it is just wishful thinking.

[Via Ripten]

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