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Earn super elusive ProStreet achievement Dec 19th

Dustin Burg

The Need for Speed team just revealed the first ProStreet Community Race Day will be going down on December 19th where you can play with the developers, win prizes and be all blissful n' such. Not a huge deal though, right? It's just one of those corporate sponsored (Castrol Syntec) online "events" that is aimed at getting you to play their game ... right? WRONG!

If you are a fan of achievements and already own Need for Speed: ProStreet then you need to be online December 19th, because this event is actually an achievement. Yup, the developers thought creating a 15 Gamerscore achievement called "Community Race Day 1" for participating in this once in a lifetime event was a dandy idea. So, if you miss playing, we guess you'll never get the achievement. We aren't sure how to enter into the community fun or how to unlock the achievement, but we do know you'll have to play ProStreet December 19th to have any chance at it. Get prepared achievement whores of the world and complete the task set forth ... you have another one coming when "Community Race Day 2" begins. Mwahahaha!

[Thanks, Andre Deminiac]

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