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Forced fasting

Matthew Rossi

One of the things that can really mess with your WoW gameplay is being forced to take a week or two off for various reasons. I doubt I'm alone in having less time to play in December, what with various holidays and family events near the end of the month, and it didn't help that recently our cable went out for several days, meaning I had a large chunk of time when I couldn't play at all. One of the things I noticed when I finally got back to playing was that taking several days off with no play at all means that I forgot what each of my characters was doing. This might in fact be exacerbated by my plethora of alts, but it still meant that I had to spend a day or two just figuring out what I had been doing before the cable went down. I'd actually gotten several characters new pieces of gear I hadn't equipped yet, and forgot it until I checked their bags.

Oddly enough, it was less disruptive to my play back when I took several months off from the game before The Burning Crusade came out. Coming back to my characters after a two to three month break meant it really didn't matter what I had been doing but a week or two seemed jarring, possibly because I was mis-remembering what I had been doing or thought one character was keyed for a heroic when it was my shaman, little glitches like that. I'm curious to know if anyone else has problems getting back into the game after a small time off, and if the upcoming holidays will mean an enforced break for a lot of players. Even if you personally keep right on playing, it's hard to do a raid if everyone in your guild is heading to their family gatherings. Are you anticipating a longer than usual hiatus this month?

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