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PS2 version of Rock Band lacks online play, world tour mode

We all expected certain elements of Rock Band to take a hit when it made the jump from this-gen to last-gen, but we expected the brunt of those differences to fall in the graphical department. However, as you can tell from the footage above, the visuals for the PS2 version aren't too dumbed down -- instead, the game lacks a number of gameplay features that we've come to know and love in our Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Rock Band for PS2 lacks any online support, meaning no online co-op or, unsurprisingly, downloadable content. Harmonix has also removed the multiplayer World Tour mode featured in the other versions, where your band travels to a number of different venues, collecting fans and cash whilst opening up new locations, gigs, and songs. Instead, available songs will be presented in a tiered list, much like the single player mode of Guitar Hero.

Also missing is the ability to create your own rocker and, therefore, your own band. Instead, you'll play as a pre-made band each time you load up a song (the band differs based on the genre of the song you chose). Personally, we'd spend the extra ten bucks just to play as The Collins Collection, our fictional supergroup composed of Bootsy Collins, Phil Collins, Sam Collins and ... another Bootsy Collins. However, if you've yet to make the leap to the seventh generation, you can pick up the game when it releases for the PS2 on Dec. 18.

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