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Taunting in PvP

Mike Schramm

Drito brings up an interesting question on the forums: Why no taunting in PvP? I really don't think Blizzard will ever implement any form of taunt in PvP, because at this point the general direction seems to be headed away from players losing control of their characters (as in, all the fear nerfs), and no matter what form taunt appears in, it'll likely mean losing control of the taunted character, no matter for how long.

But it is interesting to try and think the dev's thoughts through as to why they didn't include it in the first place. We've heard all along that Blizzard is aiming to make the same spells usable in both situations (so it's not a completely different game when you head into PvP). A Taunt spell in PvP obviously wouldn't create aggro, but it might make the player's next spell or attack target the taunter, or give the taunted player a debuff that lets them only attack the taunter (no other actions for the duration). Distract definitely doesn't work the same way in PvP that it does in PvE, but it does at least work. It's not hard to see Taunt being the same way.

Of course, it's hard to see the devs giving any more cool abilities to Warriors, either-- they're doing just fine as is. But putting in an ability like this would definitely spice up group PvP, and add some extra tactics to taking on human enemies.

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