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Super Stardust HD gets secretly updated

Jem Alexander

It seems that the Super Stardust HD upgrade pack that is "coming soon" is already available, in one form or another. Delete and re-download the game from the EU PSN Store and you might notice a few new, exciting features. Unfortunately, the game seems to have disappeared from our download list so we had to buy it again. A separate pack will hopefully be made available soon. We've been exploring the new version (2.02, according to the credits) for a little while and are very pleased with what we've found.

The game now has full support for Dual Shock 3 rumble controllers, as well as a new online store section in the main menu. Currently this contains two add-on packs, a "Single Player expansion" and a "Multiplayer expansion", both of which are marked as "coming soon". The high score table now shows score, highest rank, session time and the time that the score was submitted. Along with the new game statistics section, you can keep a scarily accurate tally of how long you've played, how many of each enemy you've killed and how many times you've completed each level.

We've saved the best for last, though. The new version has full support for custom soundtracks. These can be edited from within the game utilising any music on your PS3's hard drive. Playing Super Stardust HD to Sufjan Stevens' "Songs for Christmas" is an amazingly cathartic experience. We currently have no idea if the US PSN Store has the upgraded version of the game yet, or when its official release is supposed to be. We will keep you informed.

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