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WoW Moviewatch: The Patchie Chronicles

Moo Money

When an enterprising goblin miner, Patchie, accidentally releases an orc that has been frozen for years, they have a lot of catching up to do. Starting at patch 1.05, they take us on a storytelling journey, seen through the eyes of the major characters. Along the way, there are epic battles, potion selling, and a friend using his fortune to open a ... zoo?

As Patchie and the orc arrive at their destination, with golden piggy in hand, the orc has an opportunity to meet his hero, Thrall. After becoming disillusioned and temporarily losing his way, he sets off to be a hero in his own right. However, everything is not as it seems!

The AFK PL@YERS, a Taiwanese machinima team, created The Patchie Chronicles to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of WoW launching in Taiwan. Most viewers will have to pay close attention, as it is narrated in Chinese, but subtitled in English.


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