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Bungie weekly: what's next for Halo 3 DLC, Grifball


In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Frankie and the gang lay down some information about future Halo 3 downloadable content and also discuss the latest sports craze that's sweeping the nation, Grifball. A few vague but tantalizing tidbits were dropped about forthcoming DLC. Bungie lets us know that future DLC might arena maps suited specifically for competitive play, updates to classic Halo maps, weird maps designed for weird game types, and more items for Forge. It's important to stress the word "might," as these things aren't certain to be included in new DLC, but they very well could be.

The second major portion of the update discusses Grifball, a Foundry map variant and gametype that plays out sort of like an insane mixture between Assault, hockey, football, and American Gladiators. As the name suggests, the game was created by none other than one of our favorite machinima creators (and Fancast guests) Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth Productions. Why is it called Grifball? Let's just say that the man who grabs the ball turns orange. Let's also say that the opposing team wants to kill the man with the ball.

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