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PS Fanboy Best of 2007: Best Multiplayer

Jem Alexander

Stay tuned all this week as we reveal the our nominees for the very best games of 2007. Winners will be declared on December 27th.

This year multiplayer gaming has been taken to a new level with quality online experiences that are also great fun in an offline, living-room setting. Shooters occupy the majority of our nominations this year, but they're also joined a couple of the most innovative multiplayer titles we've seen to date.

And the nominees for PS3 Fanboy - Best Multiplayer Game of 2007 are:

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward | Activision

Call of Duty 4's RPG style leveling system, perks benefits and unique classes, along with its server-filling double EXP weekends, make it one of the most addictive online games of the current generation. Coupled with the fact that the game is a blast to play with friends, this is the strongest first-person-shooter on the PS3.


The Eye of Judgment
Japan Studio | Sony Computer Entertainment

Taking a multiplayer experience from real life to a computer game has been done countless times before, but never has a game so fully integrated the original feel of the activity into the emulation. With its classy card-reading technology, The Eye of Judgment retains the original collectible card game experience, but mixes it with high quality graphics and the ability to play against anyone in the world - and that's where its genius really lies. Never again will you need to venture down to the comic shop basement, you can play against anyone you like from the comfort of your own living room.


Rock Band
Harmonix | Electronic Arts

We wonder how many thousands of people had the same down-the-pub conversation that we did. "You know, someone should mix Guitar Hero and Singstar together. Maybe add a drum set in there? That'd be awesome." Well Harmonix did just that - and it is awesome. It's also one of the most engrossing multiplayer games around. Totally accessible for gamers of all abilities it becomes the centerpiece of any gathering, staying on the screen until the last person either gets a cab home or passes out.


Unreal Tournament III
Epic Games | Midway

The Unreal Tournament franchise has been synonymous with fast, fun online shooting. While they might have lost their way with the "200x" episodes, Unreal Tournament III is a return to its roots and feels much more like the first game in the series. A multiplayer marvel for two reasons, UTIII is excellent fun to play online against your friends, but the inclusion of downloadable mods made by PC owners makes it a true community experience. This is expected to be improved on in the future with official contests.

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Incognito | Sony Computer Entertainment

Arguably the first of the PS3's "must-have" lineup, Warhawk is still one of the best online multiplayer games available. With jump-in, jump-out gameplay you're never more than a couple of minutes away from shooting up your buddies. Huge environments and a variety of vehicles spice up the game and this will be expanded upon before the end of the year with a whole new level as well as a new vehicle.


Stay tuned to PS3 Fanboy on December 27th for the winners. Best of 2007 image based off of work from Studio469.

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