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The definitive Mac mini/Honey Baked Ham smackdown


The holidays. A time for joy, a time for gathering, a time for product smackdowns. So which is the better buy? A Mac mini or a festive honey baked ham? Let TUAW do the comparison work for you.

Mac mini/Ham Smackdown
Feature Mac Mini Honey Baked Ham Winner
Availability Apple and a few select vendors Widely available Ham.
Cost From $600, although the $800 model is far superior $50 or so With over an order of magnitude difference in price, the ham is the clear winner.
Environmental impact Contains lots of chemicals but can run on relatively green energy sources, meeting Energy Star requirements. Completely organic but may produce lots of emissions after a large meal with all the trimmings. Tie.
Social impact Lots of fun for your entire family. Forbidden for consumption by many major religious denominations. Mac mini.
Geometry 6.5" x 6.5" x 2". A rectangular block. Spiral cut, conforming to an aesthetically pleasing geometry of curves. Ham.
TV Compatibility Works well with both standard def and high def television sets, packaged with Apple Remote. Can be eaten in front of both standard def and high def television sets, with any standard remote. Tie.
Documentation Packaged with full printed and electronic documentation. No documentation needed. Unless you are Homer Simpson. Tie.
Leopard Compatibility Yes. Yes. But it may give the Leopard indigestion. Mac mini, by a hair.

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