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WoW Insider interviews Ed Fries on avatar figurines

Ross Miller

Although nothing will ever top our surprise Spore figurine (in our hearts, at least), former VP of games publishing at Microsoft Ed Fries (one of the original Xbox guys, remember?) is hoping to provide a similar service for World of Warcraft players by making a 3D replica of their avatars. Our MMO-obsessed siblings (not them, the other ones) at WoW Insider interviewed Fries about his new venture, entitled FigurePrints, and the process of turning the virtual into reality. (Fries, as it turns out, was inspired by those Spore figurines from E3 2006.)

You can demo the program for yourself. The operation is currently in its early phases, so drawings are being held during certain time periods to have your character molded. The cost is $100 plus about $15 for shipping, and even at that price, we have no doubt the service is trying to keep up with high demand.

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