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XE Mobile, R.I.P.: another MVNO goes to the cell tower in the sky

Chris Ziegler

MVNOs left and right are discovering that it takes way more than a round or two of venture capital and a dream to be successful; Amp'd is probably the most spectacular and well-publicized of the falls from grace, but they're certainly not the only example. Latest to fall victim to the virtual network backlash is XE Mobile, a service focused on college students that offered pay-as-you-go service and a host of crappy phones atop AT&T's network. We're not sure how many customers are left scrambling for an alternative here before the network goes dark on December 31, but seeing how the company's death was nearly as silent as its birth, we're guessing it's not terribly many -- which explains the shutdown, we guess, and the circle of life begins anew.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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