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4 minutes in Ninja Gaiden II heaven


It's no secret that we are gaga for Ninja Gaiden II. In the event that it is a secret, we can assure you that it will not remain so for long. Remember the many calls for us to cease the constant coverage of Halo 3 / Gears of War / etc? You ain't seen nothing yet. We shall cover Ninja Gaiden II for all it is worth and more. With that little tidbit out of the way, on to the purpose of this post: to fill your eyeballs with four minutes of gory ninja goodness. Some of the footage has been seen before, but plenty of the video is new, and all of it is scrumptious. In particular, we like watching one of Ryu's maimed opponents priming a grenade in an attempt to take the super ninja with him. The video also features Ryu's trademark Izuna Drop -- think spinning piledriver on steroids -- which makes us happy fanboys. Check out the video after the break.

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