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Add some class to your Wii's top panel

Eric Caoili

As useful as the Wii's hidden GameCube controller ports and memory card slots are, the console's flip-open panel is an eyesore when left ajar while accessing these backwards compatibility features, especially if you compare it to the system's otherwise sleek design. You have the option of removing the panel, of course, but the resulting black hood doesn't look right either.

Cyber Gadget has come up with an elegant alternative with its replacement lid, allowing you to cover the ports/slots and protect them from dust without having to expose everything whenever you need to just plug in a GameCube pad. The new panel has shutters for each individual controller port which slide back, and both memory card slots have rubber caps that you can peel back without disturbing any of the console's other cavities.

Cyber Gadget is selling its replacement panels only in Japan for 980 yen (approximately $8.70), but we're crossing our fingers that an import shop like Play Asia or NCSX will eventually have them for sale. You can see more photos of the product past the jump.

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