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Burnout Paradise soundtrack features Guns N Roses

Justin McElroy

Guns N Roses probably doesn't rank too high on lists of the "most prolific" or "most dependable" bands of all time. But on a list of bands that get you pumped, or, more specifically, so pumped that you almost jump up and kick your mom in the face, you'd almost certainly find GNR in the top 10. Perhaps realizing the band's inherent pumpitude, EA has requisitioned their track "Paradise City" to serve as the theme song for Burnout Paradise, which takes place in, you guessed it, Paradise City.

Of course, Axl won't be by his lonesome (probably for the best, if only so he doesn't drink himself into oblivion), he'll be joined by a bevy of bands like N.E.R.D., Faith No More and Seether. MTV Multiplayer has the full soundtrack listing right here.

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