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Multiplicity: Zapper clone cloned

Eric Caoili

Though Nyko's Perfect Shot plays second fiddle to Nintendo's official Zapper, the third-party light gun has been praised for its excellent build quality and superior design. In fact, other accessory manufacturers took note of that superior design and are now selling it as their own!

Datel's Wii Pistol mimics the Nyko product right down to its light blue grip. The knock-off peripheral is advertised on Datel/Codejunkies' shop as "the ideal add-on for classic blasters such as Resident Evil 4 and Chicken Shoot." Classic? Chicken Shoot?!

The Wii Pistol is currently out of stock, but it regularly retails for $12.99, two bucks cheaper than the Perfect Shot (Amazon currently has it on sale for $12.99, though). You can compare Datel's clone with Nyko's shell past the break.

[Via DCEmu]

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