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The Light and How to Swing It: The paladin epic mount quest for Alliance


Dinging level 60 isn't nearly as fun as it used to be. You're probably already in Outlands, smashing faces with Tier 2-equivalent gear and looking forward to your flying mount. But wait! You've still got one thing left to do in Azeroth. Yep, it's time to head back through the Dark Portal and get your epic charger.

The Alliance and the Horde have vastly different questlines for their epic chargers, and I've got to say, the Horde one is tons easier. The Alliance one is so time-consuming that it might just be easier to shell out the gold for a regular horse/ram/elephantything. But for those who really want the status symbol, The Light and How to Swing It Presents:

Getting your epic charger (Alliance)

First off: if, as you're approaching 60, you can get your hands on Runecloth, Arthas's Tears, Arcanite (actually, start transmuting your own Arcanite a week before doing the quest if you're an alchemist), Stratholme Holy Water, an Azerothian Diamond or a Pristine Black Diamond, hang onto it. You'll need it later.

Your local paladin trainer will tell you that it's time to go see Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Stormwind Cathedral District. Shadowbreaker will give you two quests: Emphasis on Sacrifice is supposed to prove your loyalty to the Light, and The Work of Grimand Elmore will help you get your horse's "barding", whatever that is. Emphasis on Sacrifice is easier, so let's go do that one first.

For Emphasis on Sacrifice, you must bring 150g to High Priest Rohan, a priest trainer in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge. In return, he'll give you his Exorcism Censer, which you can take back to Shadowbreaker. Shadowbreaker will then give you the quest Exorcising Terrordale. Head to Terrordale, the city just west of Plaguewood in Eastern Plaguelands. You need to use the Exorcism Censer on green circles that you'll find on the ground. Be prepared to face 1-3 spirits every time you use the Censer. After 25 spirits, you can return to Shadowbreaker and start work on Grimand Elmore.

Grimand Elmore is in the northwest portion of Stormwind's Dwarven District. Like Rohan, he needs something from you -- but in addition to yet another 150 gold, he's looking for mats. Specifically, 5 Stratholme Holy Water, 10 Arthas's Tears, 40 Runecloth, and 6 Arcanite Bars. The Runecloth should be the easiest part. If you don't have it on you, go farm it from the various humanoids in Eastern Plaguelands. The Arthas's Tears should also be easy -- they're practically worthless when it comes to alchemy, so they won't be that expensive in the AH.

The Arcanite Bars will be tougher. If you're a miner, you've probably come across some Arcane Crystals while leveling. Send those, along with a Thorium Bar, to a friendly alchemist. If you're an alchemist yourself, buy the crystals and the bars off the AH and make the Arcanite yourself over six days. If you're neither ... well, it's either the AH or an alchemist guildie for you. The 6 bars will run anything from 40 to 80g in the AH.

The Stratholme Holy Water is going to require you to go into Stratholme. You'll probably need a group to clear out enough mobs to get to the crates that contain the Holy Water. Dwarves can use Find Treasure to tell the real crates (with Holy Water) from the fake crates (with poison and roaches and rats.) While you're in the area, snag 20 Enriched Manna Biscuits from your local Argent Dawn representative. Doing Strat and quests in EPL should help you get up to friendly with them. Then, once you have all your ingredients, head back to Grimand, who will give you the barding and punt you back to Shadowbreaker for the next step.

Shadowbreaker will tell you you need to soothe an ancient equine spirit in Dire Maul. But first, you need some horse feed. He'll send you to Merideth Carlson, the extremely insane horse trainer in Southshore. Carlson wants 20 Enriched Manna Biscuits to make a special feed for your horse, and also 50 gold because she's angry at you for ... some ... reason. If you followed my suggestion in the previous paragraph, you should have the manna biscuits. Running out of money? Go quest in Outland for a while, then come back.

Now it's on to Dire Maul! You can duo this part, although it'll probably be easier if you have three or more people. Enter Dire Maul West and head west until you see a big, arena-like dip. Inside is Tendris Warpwood, a huge tree elemental. Before you attack him, kill all the Ironbark Protectors in the area! Kill him however you can. When you're done, the Ancient Equine Spirit will appear. Give him the horse feed, and he'll let you put the barding on his back and bless it.

Head back to Stormwind and Shadowbreaker, but before you go into the Cathedral District, stop at the AH and pick up a Pristine Black Diamond and an Azerothian Diamond. You'll need them for the next part of the quest. Combined, they should cost from 15-25g. No more money, I promise! Go to Shadowbreaker, tell him you've gotten the barding blessed, and he'll ask you for the diamonds. Hand them over, and he'll make you a Divination Scryer for the final quest -- Judgement and Redemption. You need to go to Scholomance, summon a Death Knight, and free your horse from his control.

First off, get your group together. You'll need a regular 5-man Scholo group, with the exception that it'll be a lot easier if you have another pally and a priest in there. It shouldn't be too tough to find another pally who needs this done. Make your way through Scholomance and head to Rattlegore's basement room. Kill Rattlegore and clear the room. Move your party towards the corner by the door. When you're ready, go to the opposite corner and place the Scryer on the floor.

Several waves of mobs will spawn before the final boss. You need to use a certain max-rank judgement on each of the waves to kill them. The judgement you use should be the opposite of what the mob represents. According to WoWWiki, the code is:

  1. Banal Spirits and Aspect of Banality: Judge Wisdom
  2. Malicious Spirits and Aspect of Malice: Judge Justice
  3. Corrupted Spirits and Aspect of Corruption: Judge Righteousness
  4. Shadowy Spirits and Aspect of Shadow: Judge Light

Use the judgements when all the mobs are grouped up for maximum damage/stuns. After each wave, you'll face the aspect of that wave. If you have a priest in your group, shackle the aspect while you regen your mana. Eight waves in, you'll face Death Knight Darkreaver, the man who has imprisoned your future mount. Watch out -- he mind controls. Other than that, he won't be that difficult, and you'll receive the Charger's Lost Soul. Cast a spell to redeem the soul, and presto! You have your mount!

Blood Elves, don't fret -- in two weeks, we'll be covering your epic mount quest. Hang tight until then!

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