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Winter has arrived in CoX


The CoX Winter Event went live yesterday. After getting some quality hands on time with the newly revamped festival of snow and lights... color me impressed! Along with all the same stuff from years gone by, the newly added ability to obtain medals for the fastest time down the ski slopes is absolutely addicting. Aside from earning bragging rights (complete with your name listed on the leader board - until you get dethroned at least), you also get badges based on your times down the slope. Last night I managed to obtain the Speed Demon (gold), Accelerated (silver) and Qualified (bronze) badges - all of which can be found under the Accomplishment badge tab.

Finding and opening the Gamesters presents has always been fun, and a bit tedious when trying to obtain the associated badges. So it needed a little somethin' somethin'. Candy Canes are a new type of salvage that you can get from successfully opening up presents. Sometimes you'll get a temporary power, a Candy Cane, or both. Unsuccessful openings get you some frosty snowmen to battle. While the goodies aren't shabby, they're things that have been available in past events. For instance, 10 CC's will get you a Jingle Jet temporary power. Twenty stripped canes will buy you Renewal of Light, a temporary resurrection power. In total there are 6 goodies to pick up.

All in all it appears this year's Winter Event will be the best one yet. Besides the constant plethora of free updates to the game, NCsoft always comes through with in-game events for their players. Just one more reason to live in the City of Heroes (and Villains)!

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