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Ask Engadget HD: Which HD DVD player should I pick up for the holidays?

Darren Murph

We brought back the Engadget HD podcast for good in August, and now it's about time Ask Engadget HD returned to prominence, too. Starting today, we're setting out to pose particularly intriguing reader questions to none other than our dear readers, as we let you tell your fellow HD aficionados what's what (and even answer a few on our own).

Kicking things back off is a simple, albeit crucial question considering the dearth of time remaining before vacation kicks in, family members you didn't even know you had start showing up and offspring of all ages begin to clamor for a little high-definition movie action. The HD DVD player arena has truly been a whirlwind of late, with prices falling left and right and new entrants showing up fashionably late. Of course, you don't need us to tell you just how many options are out there, but if your "best friend" (ahem) was looking to pick up an HD DVD player that packed plenty of features to please even the in-laws this holiday season, what's the unit to recommend? Feel free to toss out a couple of suggestions based on price ranges, too.

Oh, and for the Blu-ray camp -- rest assured, your turn will be coming up shortly.

Got a burning question that you'd love to toss out for Engadget HD (or its readers) to take a look at? Tired of Google's blank stares when you ask for real-world experiences? Hit us up at ask at engadgethd dawt com and keep an eye on this space -- your inquiry could be next.

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