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GameStop clarifies Wii Reservation program details


Gamasutra has received some clarification on GameStop's Wii Reservation program, which Reggie Fils-Aime first announced during a conference call.

Unlike our previous report stated, Wii reservations will only be taken this Friday, December 21st, and can only be placed in person at any GameStop or EB Games location in the US. The reservation will cost the full price of the Wii console ($249.99 USD plus tax), and the reservation slips come in DVD cases with an image of the Wii and Mario on the front, with Mario cheerily stating "Happy Holidays! Your Wii is on the way!" Gee. Thanks, Mario.

Reservation slips are limited at each location, though exact numbers have not been given. Only one reservation is available per household, and each customer will receive a phone call in January once their Wii is available for pick-up. All reserved consoles must be picked up by January 25th, 2008. Who's betting on long lines for these tiny slips of paper?

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