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I love ten Power Gloves. They're so bad.


Here's our variation of the "tree falls down in the woods" question: If ten Power Gloves are inside sealed boxes, never to be opened, are they still awful controllers? We think yes, but we'll never know for sure. Whatever dangerously insane collector decides to buy a case of ten unopened Japanese Power Gloves is very unlikely to be insane enough to ruin their value by opening any of them. Apparently these Power Gloves were a retailer's dead stock (the Power Glove was a spectacular failure in Japan), and have thus been put on eBay in their original form, as they came from the manufacturer.

The item is at a current price of $209 AUD ($180 USD), should you have the desire to build a fort out of failed peripherals. The Power Glove is a reminder that motion-based controllers will never work on Nintendo consoles -- especially when those controllers require external sensors.

[Via GameSniped]

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