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MCV: GTA IV to hit UK April 25

Kyle Orland

Ever since the Grand Theft Auto IV's much-ballyhooed delay to the somewhat nebulous "Q2 2008," would-be gangsters everywhere have been clamoring to know the specific date the game would hit (and Take Two has been no help on that score). Now MCV purports to have an answer, citing "senior industry sources" to pin the game's British release date at April 25, 2008.

If MCV's unnamed "sources close to the game's publisher" are correct, the game would just sneak in before the end of Take Two's promised second fiscal quarter, which runs from February through April. The story gives no hint at a U.S. release date, but recent games in the series have hit our shores a few days before Britain's.

Rockstar gave MCV a blanket "no comment" or the rumor, and one source hinted that we might not get much official warning from the publisher. "I'd expect some more concrete news from them two or three weeks before release," a retail source told MCV. Yikes! That doesn't leave much time to rob enough hookers for the needed cash to buy the game.

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