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MTV's "next big thing": Bruckheimer teams up for game studio


MTV wasn't kidding when the company said it had $500 million to blow in two years. Their "next big thing" is this: Hollywood mega-über producer Jerry Bruckheimer has signed a deal to produce games with MTV. Bruckheimer and MTV will create a co-owned studio that, instead of cashing in on the latest summer 'splosion smash, is actually expected to create new intellectual properties; the movie studios typically own the rights to the films Bruckheimer produces. Games produced by this new studio will feature Bruckheimer's name prominently (for example: Jerry Bruckheimer presents Mega-explosion FPS Ninja Pirate Adventure 4).

There are currently no announced games; no particular genres defined for the new studio; heck, there isn't even a name yet. At this point, Bruckheimer wants to make games and, historically, wherever Bruckheimer goes, success isn't far behind. And neither are explosions.

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