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Resident Evil: Extinction's Bonus View gets tested

Darren Murph

Back in October, we noticed that LG's BH200 wouldn't really be able to take advantage of its snazzy Profile 1.1 features until Resident Evil: Extinction landed in 2008, but due to a little magic, managed to secure a screener copy of the flick and give us all a look at what's in store. Utilizing a recently updated PlayStation 3, we're able to see exactly how Bonus View will change the way we experience films, as various PIP displays emerged in varying corners of the screen to showcase video commentary, storyboard comparisons and behind-the-scenes footage while the movie itself rolled along behind it. It was also noted that a non-Profile 1.1 player (Panasonic's DMP-BD10, to be exact) played back the title just fine, but of course, there was simply no option to watch the PIP content. Hit the read link for a few more shots of RE:E's Bonus View in action.

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