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Valkyrie of the Battlefield still looking amazing

Chris Powell

If you haven't realized it already, we're pretty big fans of Sega's upcoming strategy game Valkyrie of the Battlefield. In the newest video that's been released, it appears to show pieces of the game's opening cinematics and other gameplay footage that shows the game's unique twist on the strategy genre. While there's been no confirmation that the title will head to the West, it just looks so damn beautiful that we're continuing to hold out hope.

Valkyrie is developed by Sega's Overworks studio, the same guys who brought us Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star, The House of the Dead and Skies of Arcadia. With such a legendary list of games up its sleeve, we just can't help but be entirely confident that its newest title will have awesomeness in spades.

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