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Warhawk expansion arrives day early, free for a few

Justin McElroy

Warhawk expansion Operation Omega Dawn arrived unexpectedly on PSN today, 24 hours before it was set to go live. What's more, when it first made its premature debut, it was (due to a glitch) accompanied by the bargain price tag of "Free." A few wicked folks (the same people that take a pack of mints without leaving a quarter for Jerry's Kids) managed to take advantage, but it looks like the kink in the system was worked out fairly quickly.

The good news is that the pack was left up, so fans can still take advantage of the early appearance, as long as they cough up their $7.99. If you were unaware, the pack adds five new night-time maps, a new dropship and for a few (ahem) unscrupulous early adopters, the unshakable stench of shame.

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