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Gifting someone with an HDTV? Don't forget the HD service!

Darren Murph

We know, it seems painfully obvious to us, but we can't say we're surprised one iota that the general public would buy a loved one an HDTV and totally overlook the fact that he / she will need HD service to make it truly worthwhile. According to a recent survey conducted on Comcast's behalf, one in four consumers are hoping to receive an HDTV this holiday season, but only 12-percent of gift-givers were even thinking of including HD service. Granted, savvy buyers may be tossing in a gift certificate to pick up an OTA antenna, or they may just let the recipient be responsible for figuring out they need high-definition service. Of course, one must remember who commissioned the survey. Nevertheless, let this serve as a friendly reminder to show consideration when blessing someone with a new HDTV -- they can't watch HD flicks forever!

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