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RTcom's HDS-41Rv13 HDMI Switcher supports v1.3

Darren Murph

Another day, another HDMI switcher, but at least RTCom's latest supports HDMI 1.3. The HDS-41Rv13 enables users to pipe in four separate HDMI connections and utilize just one display (or HDMI input on your TV / receiver), but unlike earlier models, this one also supports 36-bit Deep Color along with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio streams. Furthermore, the included IR remote keeps you firmly planted when sifting through the four inputs, and the signal amplification allows owners to extend cables up to 50 feet. As expected, the unit does indeed support HDCP, and it can be snapped up right now for $199.99.

[Via Digital Extender]

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