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Two chances left to enter WoW Insider's Dell notebook giveaway

Mike Schramm

We're really starting to get down to the wire now-- there's only two chances left for you to enter to win in WoW Insider's big Dell notebook giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is comment on that post (not this post-- commenting on this post gets you nothing but the satisfaction of making your mark on our site), and you get to do it once per day, so since the contest ends tomorrow, you have only today and tomorrow left to leave comments.

Now, the contest has gone on for six days so far, and there are about 31,000 comments on there, so your chances of winning right now if you've left a comment every day are about 6 in 31k, or about 5,166 to 1 by my math (and my math is usually wrong). I won't lie-- those chances are pretty slim, but I will say that (if my math is correct, and it probably isn't), you have a better chance of winning this laptop than bowling a 300 game (11,500 to 1), being struck by lightning (576k to 1), and getting injured by fireworks (19,556 to 1). With that kind of perspective, your chances are pretty good, wouldn't you say?

Go leave a comment on the contest post anyway-- the odds are (probably) in your favor.

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