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World of Warcraft-themed comedian. Yes. You heard me.


This is one of the bravest/loneliest men I've ever seen. Rosacrutian (Undead Warlock, Moonrunner Realm), drops a metric ton of WoW references on a very forgiving audience in the guise of comedy. While I can't fault his knowledge, watching this made me uncomfortable -- for him.

I mean, sure, he knows what he's talking about, but there's more to comedy than 'Hey, I'm a gaming geek, and I'll prove it.' It's entirely possible to do themed humor, but you have to base it on the absurdities inherent in the show/game/genre. Just spouting a bunch of terms and hope your listeners laugh in recognition is not enough.

However, picking your venue is also very important; I imagine this set would KILL at the Blizzard convention.

[Thanks, NaOH!]

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