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AT&T offering pricey apps for blind and low-vision customers

Chris Ziegler

The largest carrier in the US (that's AT&T now, not Verizon, remember?) is offering a pair of applications from developer Code Factory to help out folks with limited vision in the use of their handsets. Of course, dialing numbers is one thing, and that all can probably be accomplished without the assistance of accessibility software in most cases -- but Code Factory aims to bring full smartphone functionality to the table with its Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier packages. The functions of both can pretty much deduced by their names, but the real story here might be the fact that they're being made available through AT&T for both Windows Mobile and S60-based devices; specifically, AT&T's Nokia N75 and E62, Cingular 3125, Samsung BlackJack, and Pantech Duo are currently supported. We're a little shocked at the pricing -- a stiff $89 per app -- but at least they're good enough to offer a 30 day trial.

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