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Breakfast Topic: Where's WoW?


MMO sites across the 'net have recently been abuzz with the question of what everyone's top ten MMOs are, inspired by a forum thread on As of this morning, f13 has compiled the following rankings:

814 pts. - World of Warcraft
514 pts. - City of Heroes/Villains
471 pts. - Dark Age of Camelot
459 pts. - Ultima Online
450 pts. - EverQuest
435 pts. - Eve Online
349 pts. - EverQuest 2
348 pts. - Star Wars Galaxies
308 pts. - Lord of the Rings Online
219 pts. - Planetside

Though our game of choice, World of Warcraft, is ahead of the competition, this morning I'd like to ask you where WoW would rank in your own top ten list. Is it number one, matching f13's list, or not?

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