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British Medical Journal study: Wii Sports doesn't replace exercise


A British Medical Journal study finds UK gamers playing Wii only used 2% more energy than gamers of other consoles. Obviously the UK study needed the US version of WiiFit with Jackie Warner, she'll push them from 2% to 200% -- no crying. The BBC reports on the most "captain obvious" qualities of the report like "time spent in front of television and computer screens has been linked to physical inactivity and obesity." We'd like to point out that so has reading and eating.

The comprehensive study of -- wait, is this right? The comprehensive study of six boys and five girls between 13 and 15 years old found playing Wii Sports expended 60kcal per hour compared with other consoles. Two things we learn from this report: 1) Parents should tie a leash around their kid and stick 'em on a treadmill if they are too afraid to let them outside. 2) All the BBC reporters have left for holiday already and the interns have taken over the news division.

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