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Cinemassively: NooB - Episode 01

Moo Money

When a new resident arrives in Second Life, he meets an equally clueless girl. Together, they figure out how to fly, but when he loses her in the sky, he begins to worry. His adventures take him to a club, where he is tricked into looking stupid, then to the home of a griefer, where he is imprisoned.

Will he be able to escape? Who is that strange lady and what does she want with him? What happened to the girl he first met? I really hope that there's an episode 02 to answer these questions!

NooB is the SL Machinima that I've been waiting for. It's smart, witty, and informative. They even manage to fit in advertising! While I can tell that the UI is on, but covered up, it's not as obvious as many others. I do have to warn you that there is some strong language on occasion, however it's not that bad. My only actual complaint is that they used the word "first" to describe it.

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