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Dead Space comic coming in March

Justin McElroy

We are so excited for Dead Space. It's going to be so awesome that we're sure when it's released, even our strongest hyperbole will fail to describe its greatness, even though we don't technically know anything much about it. So, how are we so sure it will be great? Well, for starters, Mr. Smarty Pants, we've seen a trailer that made the game look amazing. How would that be possible if the game itself wasn't amazing? It wouldn't, that's how. Also, EA said it was "brilliant, bold and often bloody." They're making the game! Don't you think they'd know?

Finally we have Exhibit C: Image Comics is going to be turning Dead Space into a six-part comic miniseries. It's coming in March and it's a prequel, which means that there's so much good story, they couldn't even fit it all into the game! Awesome! Well, that's all for now, we'll be sure to keep updating you on why Dead Space is awesome as soon as we ... you know, learn something about it.

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