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Electro's 2-CD iPod stereo costs way too much

Darren Murph

We're beginning to wonder if the madness will ever end, but considering just how enjoyable it is to sit around and poke fun at the zany attempts to crank out "unique" iPod stereo systems, we suppose we won't mount any kind of offensive to stop guys like Electro from trying. The 2-CD iPod docking station has "subpar" and "lame" written all over it, but at least it does include one of the most interesting two-disc CD changers we've ever seen. As you can probably tell, it holds a pair of discs at once, your iPod in the middle and a speaker on each side -- all controlled by a minuscule remote. Granted, it does boast an equalizer (with just four presets, mind you), an AM / FM radio and a clock, but all that definitely does not add up to $199 worth of (non-name brand) gear.

[Via SlashGear]

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